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A Stereotypical Haunting

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Daisy Jensen's marriage is falling apart and her job is a bore. When she receives a call from her best friend from high school, Melanie Phillips, she decides to take the chance on Melanie's idea to start a bed and breakfast getaway in rural western Washington state.

She arrives to find an old Victorian fixer-upper, Blue Rose Manor, and begins helping Melanie remodel the house into a quaint weekend getaway. However, Melanie soon reveals that her true goal is to create a purportedly haunted destination, making money off of tourists coming to receive a fright. Reluctantly, Daisy agrees to help.


As strange things begin to happen as they attempt to build their business, Daisy begins to doubt the wisdom of her choice. Invisible footsteps, doors slamming when no one is home, and haunting whispers plague her as she tries to work on the manor.


Who or what is behind the strange occurrences at Blue Rose Manor? Is there something supernatural afoot, or are the happenings caused by the maliciousness of a human?

A Stereotypical Haunting is a supernatural thriller that will horrify and unsettle you.

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