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The Dead Ringer book by Dena Crawford-Nibler

The Dead Ringer:

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When Susanna Kepner meets Lucy Yates at their university campus in a small city in Oregon, she feels as though there is something familiar about her that she just can't put her finger on. She also meets Lucy's mother, Jillian, whose intense reaction to meeting Susanna sets off alarm bells. 


As she gets to know Lucy, she learns of her sister Kendra Yates who has been missing for almost two decades. The name stirs the same sense of familiarity in Susanna that Lucy does, and she resolves to find out more.


After an online search, Susanna finds a picture of the missing girl and realizes that she's a dead ringer for Susanna as a child.


Jillian is convinced that Susanna is her daughter Kendra and resolves to get her back, turning the lives of the Kepner and Yates families upside down.


Is Susanna who she thinks she is, or has she been living a lie her entire life?


The Dead Ringer is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing right up to the last page.

The Silk Road

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Kimberly Ross has a quite lucrative, yet very illegal, secret business. Behind layers of technological protection, she buys and sells drugs online on the website The Silk Road. No one in her life knows about this, and she intends to keep it that way.

But secrets never stay hidden for long.

One day Kimberly receives an item from an anonymous sender that brings up long-buried memories of a horrible event in Kimberly's past. The mysterious items keep coming, along with taunting messages. They imply that the tragedy was no accident, and order Kimberly to decode their hints about what happened that night. They threaten to expose Kimberly to the authorities unless she can discover the truth.

Who has discovered Kimberly's online activities? Was the tragic death of a teenage boy an accident like everyone had always believed, or was something more sinister behind it?

The Silk Road is a suspenseful, cat-and-mouse thriller that you won't be able to put down until the truth is revealed.

TheSilkRoad-04 (1).png

Cover by Bailey Simms of Lena Creative Solutions



Available Now!

Zachariah Gaines has been on the run for decades. The stalkers follow him through the shadows. They move his belongings, disrupt his workplace, and have driven him from his fiancee. They always find him. No matter how far he runs, how much he tries to live off of the grid, or what he changes his name to.

He doesn't know who they are or what they want. No one else in his life believes that they exist. They think he's imagining the whole thing.

One day, after a gruesome discovery of a dead body near his home, Zach decides he wants to stop running. He decides that this is the impetus he needs to take back his life, figure out who these people are, and what they want.

Will Zach be able to figure out what these people want? Or are his loved ones correct, and he is just running from phantoms made from his own mind?

Gangstalking is a thrilling suspense mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Rescued: Book 1 - Darkest of Portland Series

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Calliope King has come across some strange and unsettling situations as a social worker. None of them compare to what she finds at the end of Abernathy Lane.


The Maxwells claim to be a family that believes in simple living and quiet devotion., but Callie has a feeling that something else is going on at their farm. Their clothing from centuries past, unnaturally silent children, and the fact that Callie can't find a trace of them in public records has her starting to believe that the Maxwell's placid farm hides something much more sinister than a family choosing to live apart from the modern world.


Callie enlists her friend, private detective Xavier Ramos, in her quest to find out more about the Maxwells. What he finds only muddies the situation further. Missing people, false identities, and suspicious deaths seem to follow the family everywhere they go.

Can Callie and Xavier discover what's hiding under the pleasant exterior of the farm at the end of Abernathy Lane? Who exactly are Charity and Simon Maxwell, and what are they doing that they want to keep hidden? And exactly how far will they go to protect their secrets?

Rescued is a suspenseful thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat until the jaw-dropping conclusion.

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