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My Books: Available and Upcoming

Books, books, and more books!


I write under two names, like many authors do. I do this is because I write in different genres, and when a reader picks up one of my books I want to make sure they get what they are looking for.


I write my mystery/thriller/suspense books under my real name, Dena Crawford-Nibler.


For my horror/post-apocalyptic/dark fantasy books, they will be under the name Eris Avery.


I have two separate newsletters, one for each pen name, so readers can get news on only the genres that they would like to read! If you want to be added to one or both of the monthly newsletters, just use the contact form on this site and let me know which genre you are interested in. I will add you to the appropriate newsletter.

Navigate to the pages for each pen name to see what books are available!

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