My Story

Welcome to my website! I'm so pleased that you've decided to give my novels a try.

Back when I was a child, my cousin Bethany and I would play together and make up stories. We made elaborate worlds, complicated scenarios and colorful characters. But like children do, I grew up and and forgot about how much I enjoyed living in worlds and with characters of my own creation.

But in high school I got a reminder. My freshman English teacher, Mrs. Day, assigned us a creative writing essay. I wrote a short story about a celebrity being stalked by a fan, and the teacher pulled me aside after she'd read it and told me it was like reading a story from a published author.

I then moved on to fanfiction. I was really into the Harry Potter fandom, and I put up a few fanfics that were actually pretty good as far as fanfiction from a eighteen year old goes.

After that, life happened. With a full time job and all the travails and drama of being an aimless 20-something I fell away from writing. Story ideas would cross my mind - some good and some mind-blowingly bad - but I never so much as made note of them.


I finally began writing again in 2019, and realized that I'd been missing one of my favorite things in the world all this time. Writing is difficult, truly difficult. Crafting a story where the prose and pieces all flow together is truly an art, and can sometimes make you bang your head against the wall in frustration.


But I stuck with it, and in 2021 I finished two novels. The first one, The Dead Ringer, is a suspenseful mystery that was released on March 1st, 2022. The second is the beginning of a fantasy trilogy that I'll be releasing sometime next year. In the meantime, I've written more thrillers to be released this year and the next.

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